Bear on the Mountain


Escape! Elinor (Ellie) is on the run from her family in Illinois. She’s headed to Colorado; the only place she’s ever felt safe and accepted. Her escape plans started when she received a letter stating that her uncle left her his old fishing cabin, and the land it sits on. She desperately needs to flee or she will never survive the abuse. Upon her return some things have changed, but there are still many familiar faces from her childhood—one being her cousin, Arden, who is more than willing to take her in with the promise of also keeping her safe. Arden’s brother, Sean, recently passed, as did her parents, so Arden having some family is a comfort. There’s a ‘pack’ of alpha males who have history and are all in for keeping Ellie safe—Bear pushing to the number one spot in line for Ellie’s safety—and her heart.

Ms. Michaels has created and amazing take on the Colorado lifestyle and those who protect the ones they love! The hero and heroine are strong and resilient. The fact that two young kids are reunited as adults is a great spin. The overall feel of survivors is woven throughout this book. The threat of the bad guys coming is always present, and the rise of the phoenix is very rewarding. There is some predictability, however, but overall, this is an exceptional read and an amazing springboard for this series. The transitions of characters and solidarity shown serves as a feel good book, even though it takes many tears to get there! Be on the look out for more in this series as this author will not disappoint!

Viola Robbins