Barbara’s Redemption (Disarmed and Dangerous Book 2)


Captain Barbara Perry is running for her life and has no one to trust.  Her friend Flynn had agreed to help her but sends Dominic Salter in his place to meet with Barbara.  Barbara has no choice but to trust him, and learns Dominic is a former military psychiatrist who has decided to help clear her name using his Dreampscyh Transcender machine.  Barbara’s days as a Black Hawk pilot are numbered if Dominic can’t gain her trust and help her reveal the crime she witnessed while deployed.  Can they ignore the attraction they both feel, even as it complicates doctor/patient ethics, and manage to stay alive?


This crisply written romantic suspense is the second installment of a new series.  There is no doubt that Captain Barbara Perry is a strong willed, brave solider but her portrayal here will leave some readers wondering.  Many details which would give readers insight into the background of these characters must reside in volume one.  There is never an exact location given, leaving readers with the only clues of the Army and Black Hawk pilots to direct them into assuming this story takes place in the United States.  There are slight copy editing issues (namely the change of Barbara’s middle name from Lynn to Ann toward the end of the story) which could have been avoided.  Dominic is a solid character with apparent sex appeal; however his solution to their doctor/patient status may be viewed as rushed by some readers.  The intrigue created in Barbara’s tale, however, will have readers seeking out the first installment.


Jordyn Teel