Banking on Love


When forensic accountant Rachel Sullivan is hired to investigate a shareholders' dispute, the last person on earth she expects to see is Ethan Montgomery. She had been working with his father, but Hayden Montgomery had a heart attack and Ethan came home from France to assume his father’s duties. The last time Rachel and Ethan saw each other, she had told him his fiancée was having an affair. That effectively ended a long friendship. Now that Rachel is a widow, Ethan is interested in renewing the friendship and starting something new. After all, he is Rachel’s daughter’s godfather, so he has a ready-made excuse to spend time with them. Now he has to convince Rachel she should take a risk on him.


“Banking on Love” is a very emotional book, so bring tissues when picking up this story! Rachel and Ethan are both hard-headed and it makes for some interesting chemistry. There is quite a lineup of characters in this novel, many of them nasty and conniving, yet very shallow.  The particulars of the investigation lead a detailed, intricate, and extremely well written storyline with complicated twists and turns that will require the reader to pay close attention to each page to fully follow. Well worth the effort to reach the surprise ending!


Belinda Wilson