Baker’s Dozen


Andy Baker was just a normal girl who inherited her father’s name and his role as an investigative journalist. He taught her how to keep her identity secret, how to blend in with people from all walks of life. Andy has a costume, an identity, and a personality for every situation as she marvelously slips in and out of situations unnoticed…until Hugh sees right through her clever disguise. Hugh is not at all what he appears, and Andy’s senses are on high alert as she strives to uncover his perpetual lies and aliases. Is he really Hugh? Or Tyler? Or Christiaan? The only way to know is to conduct a personal investigation into this intricate plot. When unexpected events force Andy and Hugh to work together, the intrigue thickens, as do the sparks for this unlikely pair.

Wow! Amey Zeigler knocks it out of the park with this high-adventure, witty and romantic, suspense novel. From the onset, the characters are engaging, fun, and very well developed. “Baker’s Dozen” deserves a high five-star review for characterization, outstanding plot, and the adventures of a lifetime. Ms. Zeigler’s creative process throughout is absolutely fascinating. However, the need for proper sentence structure, grammar and punctuation revisions, and a few minor plot holes is glaringly distracting; therefore, one star is reluctantly deducted from this very deserving read. The way Ms. Zeigler moves her heroine from one personality to another with aplomb is award worthy. Full of angst, humor, suspense, and a building chemistry between the main characters, “Baker’s Dozen” is a story with a light cliffhanger that absolutely delights and is a keeper! 

Tiffany Landers