Abducted: A Kate Pomeroy Mystery (The Kate Pomeroy Gothic Mystery Series Book 3)


Dr. Kate Pomeroy is in town for a final fitting for her wedding dress.  She is so excited about the upcoming wedding and has let her guard down.  She has no idea someone is following her every move.   Once the fitting is done, Kate heads to the water taxi stand to head home to her future husband, Jeremy.  There she is attacked and tied up and taken away to an unknown location.   This is just the beginning of her ordeal.  Will she survive the mental and physical torture she is about to endure?  Will Jeremy find her in time?

“Abducted” is an engaging story that tells the reality of being kidnapped and tortured physically and mentally.  Ms. Watkins has done a great job creating this story and characters; the story felt very real. The reader can feel the emotional turmoil and pain each character goes through.  “Abducted” is the third book of the Kate Pomeroy Gothic Mystery Series.  It can be read as a stand-alone, but the reader will enjoy it even more if one reads from the beginning.  “Abducted” takes the reader on an emotional and painful journey through the eyes of the kidnapped victim.   The story will lead the reader through many dangerous and scary situations, leaving them guessing until the very end.  “Abducted" is very suspenseful and unpredictable and will leave the reader wanting more.  Fans of very dark, suspenseful mysteries, "Abducted" is for you.

Victoria Zumbrum