Secrets of the Red Box


Bonnie is on the run.....from herself and from her past. Leaving San Diego and taking the first bus out of town, Bonnie lands in Omaha, Nebraska, where she must reinvent herself once again. Finding a job as a switchboard operator she soon makes friends and catches the eye of a couple of different men. Sadly, she has reinvented herself so many times that she finds it hard to remember what lies she has told to whom. Only the evidence inside the red box reveals who she truly is, and what horrible things she has done.
Glen has fought hard in World War II.   Coming home after losing numerous friends, Glen feels alone in the world even though he has family who loves him.  Attending a coming home party in his honor, he is introduced to Bonnie who is temporarily living in his aunt’s basement. Soon they fall in love, marry and have children.  However, all that happiness shatters when Glen discovers the contents of the red box.
“Secrets of the Red Box” is two separate stories, making this novel intriguing. However, the editing in this story needs extensive work. Example: Bonnie is in a store buying a dress for a date, then, suddenly she is in her bedroom.  Confusing moments like this happen often, requiring the reader to constantly go back to see if they missed something.  The overall tone of this book is quite depressing, nor does it have the standard happily ever after - even though the author does give closure to the story.  The suspense and intrigue concerning the red box is done very well, however.  With some serious editing, Ms. Hall’s obvious talent could go far.
Tonya Smalley