World of Blood (Cursed World Book 1)

Kate L.
Science Fiction

Brutal dystopian societies rife with apocalyptic doom have always been author Andra’s specialty. She has for a knack for the doomsday special. However, when fiction meets reality, nothing could ever prepare Andra for the new world surrounding her. She curses the day modern man ever stepped foot on the Andaman Islands and wrought havoc in the world around them. But she will stop at nothing to survive and to ensure her daughter’s survival as well. In real life, that may be more difficult than in the novels she writes, especially with violent creatures lurking about.

From the very beginning, Kate L. Mary creates an intense, thrilling, and mysterious world that incites chills of terror. The first two chapters of the book feel as though they belong in an entirely different novel, but they offer an incredible look into the origins of the apocalypse. As the story shifts to focus on Andra and her family, however, the characters from the first chapters remain pivotal as Andra learns of the U.S. Mission to the Andaman Islands.  Andra watches as their behavior sparks concern. All the characters interact flawlessly together, and their character development is written to fit perfectly into the story’s apocalyptic world. There is even slight humor in the “end-of-times romance” that Andra mocks; however, this small dose of humor is nothing in comparison to the thrills and fear of the story. Every turn of the page will have readers peeking around the corners of their house at night in search of monstrous creatures!

Sadie Wilson