Shadow Hawk - Blood and Shadows, Book 5

Science Fiction

Two decades ago he gave her hope, then the next day broke her heart by choosing to become a monster of war. Young telepathic Laura has loved her childhood crush, Finn, forever. Once they share their first kiss, Finn realizes he has strong feelings for Laura as well. When the insidious Shadows recruit him, in spite of her desperate pleas to stay with her, he chooses to rebuke her, leave with them, and wage galactic war on telepaths. Finn returns after the war, to find Laura and accept her punishment, hoping to make amends for breaking her heart. Laura, now married and in charge of a group of ravaged war survivors she considers family is angry at Finn's sudden arrival, but realizes he may be the key to saving her family from a maniacal tyrant and also provide the reason he didn't choose her.

"Shadow Hawk" delivers a science fiction story portraying war's devastating aftermath, the resiliency of the human spirit, and a romance to boot. Readers get a great combination of characters who bring a drawn out plot to life: star-crossed lovers who must decide to overcome their issues, a sacrificing hero who pulls heartstrings, a humorous, rag-tag group of survivors, and last but not least, a villain straight out of the book of Bad Guys 101. Then throw in the familiar futuristic technology and telepathy for a hint of sci-fi. The beginning gives some backstory, the middle delivers a little heat and action, and the ending is a dunh-dunh-dunh typical cliffhanger. Ms. Donnelly's tale of betrayal and war takes readers on a dark flight of love and second chances.

Tonya Mathenia