A Matter of Time (A Fantasy Resorts Novel)

Science Fiction

Embark on an exclusive vacation enterprise! The Time Capsule Resort (TCR) employs time travel technology engineered by Walter Doyle. On its maiden voyage to ferry one hundred guests from 2117 New York to 1888 Arizona, the TCR goes off course and lands on the outskirts of Devil’s Creek. The craft loses its cloaking device in the mishap and Wally is the only one who can fix it. His search and recovery lands him a close encounter with widowed ranch owner, Sadie Rogers, and her young son, Teddy. Wally and Teddy bond over a love of tinkering and invention. Wally and Sadie bond over helping each other with critical problems and find a mutual attraction that transcends their different centuries.  Surrounded by danger, can Wally and Sadie find out who sabotaged the TCR, entertain a crowd of time tourists looking for a Wild West good time, and avoid the malice of Sadie’s neighbors?

Take a whopping dose of suspended disbelief before boarding and prepare for a life-changing adventure! Zany characters from the future meet dastardly cowboys from the past. Wally is an adorable nerd with a hidden heroic streak that comes out to play when he realizes that Sadie and Teddy are threatened. Sadie is admirable in her determination to protect her son and maintain her ranch without interference from the mayor/sheriff and his bullies. Plot holes include futuristic technology that is spectacularly ineffective in security and forensics and the necessity of a Watcher who fails to prevent time contamination. The vibe and tempo are more about fun than logic. “A Matter of Time” is a time travel romance that is truly imaginative escapism!

Joan Lai