Daughters of Suralia (Tales of Tolari Space Bk 2)

Science Fiction

FUTURISTIC:  Now that Marianne Woolsey has given her heart to the Sural, leader of Suralia, and her choice to change from human to Suralian is made, she finds love is just the first step in living and acclimating to a man who belongs not only to her, but an entire planet.  The customs and lifestyle, while similar to their human cousins, is at its core very different.  Marianne  must overcome her fears and come to terms with living among a race so foreign from her own. Meanwhile, Marianne’s friend, Laura Howard (the Admiral's widow) finds herself on Suralia literally hiding for her life.  With little hope of seeing her family again, she must rely on her instincts to see that life really is worth living again.

This series (Tales of Tolari Space,) is written as a continuing serial rather than a series with individual books.  One cannot pick up “Daughters of Suralia” and expect a standalone read.  It doesn’t work, as the story merely picks up where the first book left off.  IF one has read “The Marann”, however, this book will be an absolute delight!  It is everything a romance reader wants in a science fiction story!  The storyline arc will need to pick up a bit in future books to avoid becoming stale but for now, the quietly sweet bond building between two different races is enough to keep the heart happy. The relationships are developed and explored with care and emotional depth without neglecting the rich and wonderful worlds being developed!  This delicate balance is done to perfection in an exquisitely touching love story - futuristic style!

Ruth Lynn Ritter