Angel Ship

Science Fiction
Kefira’s ship is overrun by Marauders and she needs help. Thankfully, she is assisted by Blake, who rescues her and the survivors. But he has a condition for the rescue, and it’s something that Kefira could never have expected. What she cannot deny is how handsome and strong Blake is. And, regardless of what her feline guard feels, there is a growing attraction she finds difficult to fight. Together they must face an enemy who is hell bent on harming the galaxy. Will they be able to put their differences aside in order to defeat their insidious foe? Or will they find themselves at odds with one another and be defeated in the end?
Vijaya Schartz has created unique and memorable characters who travel throughout the galaxy battling the forces of evil in a truly epic novel. There are so many unique aspects to this book and not just the world building. The characters are well rounded, the description is on point, and the surroundings are awesome. The plot of “Angel Ship” will grip readers from the first page and keep in a talon-like grip until the very last page. Readers will enjoy Blake as he is all male and has so many qualities that will appeal. Kefira is a strong female character who wants to do the best for those aboard her ship, even if this means bargaining with the handsome rescuer. Fans of science fiction will love this offering and will be drawn to read more books from this talented and capable author.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick