Return to Madison River

Allen Andrew

Rowan Sojourner was by turns a desperate young man on a brink of a decision that could prove tragic, a slightly older man who fell in love with an enchanting woman, an adventurer, a successful writer, a lover of women, a man who dared to dream. 

This is a story that follows his life through all the ups and downs, times of happiness and love, as well as those of pain and loss. While the author did a good job of portraying the events that impacted Rowan, most of the time, his emotions were somewhat unclear. It is a case of telling instead of showing. As such, it simply didn't read to its potential - a bigger emotional impact would've done miracles for the book. Rowan himself is an interesting character - a wanderer who had trouble settling down,  not only because of his preferences, but also because of the vagaries of fate. There is also the supporting cast of his life, who, while interesting, don’t really make a big impression, although a few do stand out. What can't be denied is that his life does not leave a person indifferent.  This book will make a reader sympathize, grieve and rejoice with the hero!


Ana Smith