Wild Rising (A Yellowstone Shifters Novel Book 1)


Sienna Wilder has landed her dream job—park ranger at Yellowstone National Park. The park is neutral territory in a world of territorial shifters whose demand for loyalty and allegiance can come at a high price. Sienna knows nothing of her roots except that she's not a normal shifter. Her relationship with her puma is tense, and she keeps her beast caged for fear of what that side of her nature can do. At Yellowstone, however, she meets other shifters and discovers not only the joy of friendship but also the ability to connect with and control her wild side. When she learns women in the park have been going missing, Sienna can't let it go, even if it means going up against the alpha of the nearby pack. Sienna wants answers, and she'll do whatever it takes to bring a serial killer to justice.

"Wild Rising" leaps out from the start with a fast-paced, tightly woven plot that will keep readers glued to the pages until the very end! Sienna fascinates with her mysterious background and her complicated relationship with her beast. The shifter world K. Panikian creates has clear hierarchical rules, a glimpse of which comes from the local cat pack and the stories from Sienna's new friends. Two men, one human and the other an alpha, hint at possible future romance in Sienna's life, but this first book is all about building trust with her beast and finding a place for herself in her new life. "Wild Rising" is an explosive entry into a popular genre and the promise of this series will have readers putting Sienna Wilder stories on their "must buy" list!

Tricia Hill