For Whom the Fury Rolls: a paranormal shifter romance (Syn City Shifters Book 2)

Luna Joya

Stone is a Kodiak bear shifter who found his mate, Kiva. They married and have built a life together. Then one night, Kiva is murdered right in front of Stone. He is devastated and begs for her life with another mysterious paranormal being. She saves Kiva and brings her back to life with a curse that will forbid her from remembering me or remembering us, and can only be broken by true love’s kiss. 2 years later, Stone finds her in Syn City as the mortal daughter of the mythological furies.  Kiva has no memory of her past, how she died, or who Stone is, but he cannot let her go without a fight.

“For Whom the Fury Rolls” is a paranormal shifter romance that leaves the reader believing in soulmates and the power of true love, and the lengths the characters will go to, to find it again. The reader will be drawn into the captivating story and kept hooked from beginning to end. Luna Joya has created this unique world in Syn City with very fun and likeable characters that will make readers laugh and cry. Stone is a great hero, who is so dedicated and determined to win Kiva’s love. The reader can truly feel his pain and heartache when he lost his mate. Kiva is a very strong character but struggled with not remembering her past. The paranormal story gives you romance, suspense, action, and intrigue. “For Whom the Fury Rolls” is Book 2 in the Syn City series, and although it can be read as a standalone, the reader should read the books in order to have a full picture of Syn City and how it operates. Sizzling, steamy and delightful!

Victoria Zumbrum