Warriors Worth: An Elite Warrior Novel #3


HISTORICAL: In a mystical land of magic and demons, Megan, lady-in-waiting and best friend to Queen Cassidy was kidnapped within sight of castle Rogue Stone while picking healing herbs for the Elite warriors. Her Queen, King Hawk, and the rest of the Elite Warriors are distressed to learn that she has been mistaken for Queen Cassidy herself. No one is more anxious to bring her home than Gareth, the King’s second in command. He and Megan have been close, but it isn’t until she is taken that he realizes that their bond goes beyond companionship. Gareth’s inner demon howls its outrage when it senses its mate’s pain and forces Gareth to shift and fly to Megan’s rescue, in defiance of his King’s orders to wait until they had a plan.

“Warriors Worth” feels like joining the action mid-stride, which should be thrilling for Elite Warrior fans who have been following Cassidy, Hawk, and Gareth from the previous books, but leaves newcomers playing catch up. This is a world where love and magic can lead to the unexpected. Magical constructs regarding mating, transformation, and power development are abruptly introduced without full explanation. The editing leaves room for improved clarity in the narrative and consistency in expression. Gareth’s determination to show Megan the sincerity of his love drives the romantic thread. It is heartwarming, and frustrating, to witness Gareth and Megan’s ironic angst as Gareth strives to demonstrate his true devotion, while perpetually tearful Megan struggles to realize her worthiness of his esteem. It’s a magical romance that is finding its way!

Joan Lai