Veil of Light (Seven Deadly Veils #9)


After leaving her vampire mate and house in order to hone her skills with the Light Elementals for three years, Miranda is convinced to return to her life in New York. With constant battles, threats of war, and dark schemes, things have changed for the worse, and to top it off, her mate has found a new love to call his own. With her heart in pieces for more reasons than one, Miranda feels like a stranger walking the streets she once knew so well. Taking a vow to avenge the death of her old friend doesn’t promise to make life easier anytime soon. If all that wasn’t hard enough, her old house prepares to face the human regent, Blackmore, who wants nothing more than to see them all destroyed.

The story takes on the prospect of humans learning to accept the supernatural in a unique and diplomatic way. The plot is intriguing and complex. However, the book loses ground fast as character dialogue, inner monologue, and even narrative voice switches from old English to modern, making it challenging to stay connected to the story. Several secondary and side characters are introduced so quickly, it becomes hard to keep track of what each is, and what their affiliations are. This might be a bit clearer to readers who have been following through since book one, however. The way Miranda reacts to how people moved on after she decided to up and leave them also makes her a bit of an unlikeable character. With a little more attention to the character development and plot, this book will soar.

Annalee Stilove