To Unite a Realm


Vera was raised in the civilized, science-based town of Campbell amongst the other educated communities of the conquered lands. As the youngest daughter of the Chancellor, she has fewer responsibilities than her sister, and more time to devote to the growing rebellion. Angus is the son of the Chief and future ruler of the United Realm. His world is limited by rules and hardened by grueling but honest work. He does not hold with the soft lifestyle of the lowland communities, but his eye has wandered to a supple woman from Campbell. Their marriage would be advantageous, and every decision he makes must be for the good of the realm. But Vera’s hand might be more dangerous than plagues, storms, and rebellions woven together.

“To Unite a Realm” is a well-crafted paranormal that almost feels like an historical novel, but it deftly integrates modern elements and shades of current events. Riveting details like lie-detecting birds with the power of speech and looming dangers—like a terrifying plague—come together with well-orchestrated, tight-wire politics and chafing cultures to make a fully realized backdrop for this tumultuous love story. A fair amount of small editing issues will be forgiven because of the eloquent writing and fascinating bits of world-building. Shocking events further along bring genuine gasps and unbidden tears. Vera and Angus are captivating characters with engrossing stories. This is not a run of the mill enemies-to-lovers story. Carefully fleshed out secondary characters and lush landscapes only enhance this epic tale. Mary Beesley has created deeply memorable characters and a wide, wonderful world readers will not want to leave.

Starling Gray