Unbound (A Fallen Novel Book 3)

Tanisha D.

Police Detective Elijah Cain learns he has the power to destroy gods as the entity known as The Fallen One. His girlfriend, Celeste, is also a powerful goddess being hunted by an insane, cannibalistic demon known as the Assiri. Still mourning the death of their friend Nicky and trying to overcome the secrets of their past lives, they must work together to keep the demon from killing Celeste and starting a war that will bring horror and devastation to the human world. Focusing on this monumental task is hard to do because Celeste's ex-lover shows up to confuse and enrage Elijah. Will they be able to defeat their adversaries? Is their love truly the forever kind they desperately want it to be or just a construct of meddling gods and an old prophecy set in motion millennia ago? 

Filled with beings of fantasy and lore, "Unbound" is a romance set on a steamy bayou battlefield of lust and treachery! The story is a very intriguing take on a band of warriors coming together to save the world. Sadly, if the first two installments haven't been read, readers may be distracted by the lack of backstories for the various relationships and entanglements included in this installment. Every character is a complex mixture of insecurities and strengths that will draw readers in. The love scenes range from enticing flirtations to breathtaking and erotic seductions. With villains that are petty, vengeful, and maniacal, readers will enjoy the few twists they provide that are demonically devious. Ms. Jones third book unravels a saga blessed with prophecy, betrayal, mystical powers, and the age old desire for everlasting love.

Tonya Mathenia