Taken: A Vampire Syndicate Romance


Ridley’s mother was killed by vampires which sent her on the run and into the street. She was taken in by the Slayers, who trained her, and she is now known as Reaper. She trained to be a slayer so she can wipe out all vampires and half-humans, the dhampir. Zaq Kral is her current target, a Kral Vampire Syndicate Prince. She despises the dhampir and feels that this family feeds off the humans. Zaq Kral never wanted to be a prince of this vampire syndicate but does so because of his vampire father. Another vampire syndicate kidnaps him with the help of Reaper.

“Taken: A Vampire Mafia Paranormal Romance” is a beautifully written story filled with action, intrigue, betrayal, twists, and steamy love scenes. The story will grip the reader from the beginning and one will not want to put the book down! Rebecca Rivard has created a unique story with complex and likable characters. Zaq and Ridley are such a great couple and connect on so many levels. The reader will enjoy watching both go from hate to love, and completely relying on and trusting each other. Ridley is such a multifaceted character, and Zaq and his brothers being dhampir, often find themselves despised by both human and vampire. Their father was tough and hard on them growing up, teaching them to defend themselves. This is the final book in the Vampire Syndicate series, and the reader will want to read the series in order, enabling them to have a better understanding and full enjoyment of the story arc and delightful characters.

Victoria Zumbrum