Stephen: The Omega’s Curse (Black Mountain Pack Book 5)


Harper has great concerns now that their pack Alpha has died after a lengthy illness. The Alpha’s son, Halister, has now claimed Alpha status, and rules more like a selfish dictator. He is also making it known that he will claim Harper for his mate. Harper wants nothing to do with such a vicious personality. She is waiting patiently for signs of change, all the while having dreams of a strong male that she feels an innate bond with. Stephen is on a long journey with another Omega, Adele. She is training Stephen to tune into his powers, that until now, have been dormant. He is a quick study and seems to be very in tune with his shifter Omega powers. He also has ‘met’ his mate in dreams, and has quite a strong natural connection with her.

This paranormal shifter story has some great adventures and strong allies that prove their allegiance over and over. The arc of this tale is consistent and weaves a story of the brave heroine and an endearing hero. The suspense and drama build as the story grows, and the creativity of the shifters’ friendship is obvious. This is book five, and though it stands alone for the most part, knowing the backstory on the characters’ connections would aid readers with the bigger picture of how the different shifters end up fighting for the same team. Keeping track of the many characters named in the story may be daunting for some readers, but the steamy romance and automatic connection between the true mates is undeniable and well portrayed.

 Viola Robins