Song of Lorelei

Desiree M. Niccoli

Captain Killian Quinn is out on the Dawn Chaser, with a nervous crew preparing to enter the man eating siren’s territory. The humans have a deal with the sirens – to feed them tinned meat while finding a cure to a virus that makes the merfolk crave human flesh. Killian’s fiancée, Lorelei, is desperate to help in the study. She too is a siren and only a few trusted people know, and keeping it a secret is getting harder day by day. But finding a cure comes at a price. Lorelei watches a fellow mermaid living in captivity undergoing a series of tests, and with her health declining, she learns that the lab has no intention of setting her free. How can Lorelei make this right? After all, she is the one who persuaded her to volunteer.

A unique paranormal story that starts off with a horror scene, and quickly unravels into a thriller with a heist thrown in! Lorelei is tormented by her guilt, and of proving her worth which is relatable to any woman in a man’s world. The characters are well developed, with some intriguing plot lines that could be taken further. The bond and romance between Killian and Lorelei are well established, but are still fragile as they continue to learn about each other, which pulls the reader in further. It is an exciting story from start to finish, with some fun and steamy scenes to break up the tension. It can be easily read as a standalone as there is enough backstory to keep the reader’s interest piqued, and has the potential for the storyline to continue.

Rika Chandra