Sign Steal Deliver


As a calico cat shifter, Kat Gataki has not had an easy life. Raised by a master thief, Kat is now working for an otherworldly currier service taking the most dangerous jobs trying to make ends meet... legally. When one assignment lands her right in the path of the God, Hermes, Kat sees a way to make amends with her beloved sister who died, leaving Kat drowning in grief and guilt. All she has to do is steal Hermes staff for access to the Elysian Fields in order to make amends. Problem is, Hermes is the God of Thieves so when things go horribly wrong and high-jinx prevails, both Kat and Hermes find there might just be more to God and mortals relationships than meet the eye. 

If one is in the mood for a light, romantic comedy involving hunky Greek Gods, look no further! The plot where Zeus has closed down Mt. Olympus, making the Gods live on earth for a while is all kinds of fun and creates an endless source of comedy! Each God is written with distinct personalities that are real and yet entertaining and endearing. The storyline rides strictly on the surface but the creative twists and turns keep it from falling into the silly. Hermes and Kat have a heart-thumping attraction that is sexy and believable and tying it to the Fates makes Hermes’ commitment believable. Unfortunately it falls flat when a declaration of love comes almost immediately from Kat. She has only known him a couple of days! Still, for a night of giggles and fun, this is definitely a winner!

Ruth Lynn Ritter