Seven Foot Cupid


Ember doesn’t know what created the perfectly round hole in the skylight in her corner of the planet Addoray. Still recovering from a horrible accident, she doesn’t care. She has to prove she has what it takes to fix the issue. Tyler Estrella also has something to prove: that he can make decent decisions without putting others in danger. Neither one expect to find signs of an unknown predator, and they definitely didn’t expect the seven foot stranger, who, for whatever reason, seems very interested in them getting together. Which is not ever going to happen. Ever. Maybe.

Full of action and fun, “Seven Foot Cupid” is sure to please those who want more focus on the romance than the bedroom. Spunky Ember is both relatable and intelligent. Tyler’s laid-back attitude and sense of humor balance out some very tense scenes. The romance is fun and satisfying, but readers might find themselves enjoying the relationship between innocent, kind Booker (the seven-foot Cupid) and his sharp-witted and sharp-tongued Mentor even more. The scenes with Booker are certainly the funniest, adding an interesting layer to a solid romance. Some readers may not appreciate certain ideas that drive the main action, but there are hints that the issues caused by those ideas will be explored more in the series, with a key issue brought up in this first book. “Seven Foot Cupid” is an absolutely fantastic beginning to a very promising series! It’s definitely one in need of being added to the To-Be-Read pile!

Amanda Carlisle