Seduced By A Selkie: A Small Town Paranormal Romance (Folk Haven Book 1)


Delta Novac has one goal in mind - get the house at the lake cleared and ready to sell. There are too many bad memories there, and she has no intention of remaining any longer than she has to. However, things change when she jumps into the lake to save someone in the water. Calder MacNamara wasn’t in need of saving, but the woman who jumped in the lake for him is the one he is meant to be with. As a Selkie, he knows that she is his fated mate. The initial interaction isn’t exactly what you would base a romance on, and Delta is determined to get out of Folk Haven as fast as she can. Will Calder manage to convince her that they’re meant to be together and get her to stay and be his?

For the start of the series, “Seduced by A Selkie” shows a lot of promise. The balance between paranormal and steam is spot-on with some very hot love scenes. Calder is an interesting character with an amusing personality, and the way he interacts with Delta is part of what makes this book a good read. The descriptions are well written with a number of interesting points in the book. It is a pretty short story, and those who read fast will get through it quickly. What Delta is going through will speak to many readers who may have gone through the same thing, giving it a personal touch. A promising start to what appears to be interesting series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick