Night Race (Vampire Reality Show #2)

Ashley R.
This fun paranormal romance features a couple crippled by guilt and willing to do anything to alleviate it. After turning into a vampire and avenging the death of her husband, Theo wants to be human again and find peace. While Aiden wants nothing more than to become a vampire and avenge the death of his fiancée while also protecting the people he loves most. A new tv show about a race to obtain a onetime-use magic chalice that can turn a human into a vampire and a vampire into a human entices them both to sign up, but they had no idea they’d need to work together and decide who gets their wish granted through a death match at the end. Discovering that they are mates makes that last detail all the harder to face. 
An emotionally charged adventure filled with laughs and twists, sure to spike the pulse of every reader. Aiden’s past with vampires is horrific, however even with his experience, he still manages to treat them with kindness. Theo’s view on vampires is refreshing, and the way in which she meets each new challenge is daring. Yet, with how mates are described in this book, and the one before it, the fact that they both continue to think they will kill each other, causes some reader confusion as well as conflicts with their true mannerisms. However, the story is filled with humor that will put a smile on every reader’s face. The twists and turns they encounter along the way also keep the pages turning. With a little more attention to character consistency, this story will be gold.
Annalee Stilove