Never Call Me Vampire (Legends of Crimson Hollow Book 1)


Amaya De La Vega works to get herself into the Crimson Hollow Facility. Unlike the other patients holed up in the facility, Amaya knowingly infected herself with the vampire virus since it was her only ticket into the facility. The virus is spreading fast. Dr. Warren, the lead scientist in the facility, is hiding the truth. Amaya’s only mission is to find the truth and give the world the anti-virus that it needs to curb the disease. She has to get access to the life and mind of Lucian, the initial carrier of the virus. He is the only person who knows where to locate the antivirus. Lucian, however, is not the friendliest person, and he is also a dangerous vampire. Can Amaya make him produce the cure? Can Dr. Warren stand the truth when it finally comes out?

Valiant and undeterred, the protagonist in the novel keeps the plot catchy and amusing, especially for lovers of dark fantasy. Although “Never Call Me a Vampire” starts in slow motion, which can be a bit off-putting for readers who love brisk beginnings, the pace increases gradually. Once the reader is hooked into the storyline, the plot becomes suspense-laden, delivering the perfect adrenaline-filled cocktail for an entertaining and exciting read. The characters display a near-perfect balance between normal and paranormal traits, which suits the nature of the novel, especially the vulnerability of the lead characters. Readers will love the delightful phoenix-y ending of the novel.

JM Lareen