Moonlight Becomes You (An Eidola Project Novel #2)


More than one kind of evil is lurking in a small African American community in the post-war South. When brutal animalistic maulings begin to out-number Ku Klux Klan lynchings, whispers of a "bogeywolf" drift through town. The Reverend Green, a priest in charge of the humble African American church invites an unusual troupe of paranormal experts to investigate the occurrences, but their arrival only tightens the noose of fear around the town. The Eidola Project is an eclectic team of brave Victorian era scientists and psychics tasked with discovering paranormal activity in all its permutations. But, with a ravening beast on the loose, the group quickly realizes they are as vulnerable as the local population. Their sanity, their lives, and one investigator’s heart may hang in the balance. Discovering the evil is one thing. Stopping it is another.

Robert Herold’s “Moonlight Becomes You” is the tantalizing second book in the Eidola Project storyline and delivers a pulse-pounding ride through the folklore of African American heritage. The sophisticated story-telling and polished plotting sets this werewolf tale apart from others. The horror elements deliver just the right amount of chills. The fully fleshed out landscape of tobacco farms, plantations, and segregated towns paint a clear picture of life in the South for black people twenty years after the Civil War. Each character is imbued with unique and interesting traits, inviting the reader to invest in their individual journeys. Even secondary characters are equipped with their own fascinating voices. The author’s gift for careful, but not overwrought description, makes each scene a moment to savor. The gentle, but alluring romance enriches the overall story and offers a rewarding happily-ever-after.

Starling Gray