Love in the Forest


Brooke Meadows is the photographer for Earth and Sky Retreats in the Adirondack foothills. She makes a picture document of the healing which takes place in children who are grieving. This session, for the first time, they will be mentoring adults with losses. Josh Quinn is the most notable. He lost his wife, Rosalie, and twin daughters in an airplane crash three years earlier. He has not been able to function since. Brooke has been having dreams about his wife’s crash even before he arrives. Brooke has had visions of dead people for most of her life, and she brings messages from the dead to the living. She never talks about her gift with the campers, although the entire staff is aware. Now Rosalie is manifesting herself and both Josh and Brooke can see and hear her, and she wants the two of them to get together!

“Love in the Forest” portrays a new way of interacting with spirits which is quite feasible. The Adirondacks for the backdrop is a wonderful choice, with its ever changing seasons. It is fall in the story, and it is easy to imagine the trees in their colored glory and walking through the fallen leaves. Josh and Brooke are two very strong characters who are fighting demons from their pasts. The telling of Josh’s past is too repetitive. There are many characters in this tale, both campers and counselors; some of each are one dimensional. It is interesting to see how the love story unfolds in spite of Brooke and Josh’s quirks. This is a very unique story that is a true joy to read!

Belinda Wilson