Liquid Foundations (Hell in a Handbag Book 3)


Safety in numbers is the age-old saying, that is, until most of your group runs off leaving only a note behind to meet in Hopewell, Maine. With zombies running loose in the streets, and now a new breed of wolf-hybrids hunting them, Jenna, Caleb, Lilly, and Eric must stick together while traveling hundreds of miles with barely any supplies and their lives in constant danger. Only able to travel at night due to Caleb’s inability to be in the sun, they must stick to dark places where the creepy and dangerous tend to lurk all the while trying to stay ahead of the wolves that are tracking them relentlessly. With hopes of finding their friends who have become like family in Hopewell, will this party of four find a better life for themselves or find no one at the endpoint to welcome them in?

Zombies, hybrid-wolves, creepy characters, and flesh-eating rats all wrapped into a story makes for a fun, exciting adventure throughout! The story of Jenna, Caleb, Lilly, and Eric not only shows how tough they have to be, but also just how close they are as they are always looking out for each other. A couple of areas that did not seem to make complete sense at times and the few typographical errors spread around were easily glossed over and did not distract much from the storyline. The description of the gore and guts draws the reader in as if they are standing alongside the characters experiencing it with them. “Liquid Foundations” is a thrilling, creepy tale that will have one reaching for the others in the series!

Marie Anderson