Light Angel


SUSPENSE/THRILLER: The town of Shandaken has many secrets. Anya O’Clery inherits property from her grandmother with two conditions: first, she must keep the property in the family, and second, protect the town and its people. A few years pass and then Anya must choose a path according to her dreams. Hunter McAllister is hired by Margaret Bordeaux to find her husband as she suspects him cheating, but instead finds Grant Bordeaux dead from a mysterious animal attack. Grant releases an ancient wendigo from its castle prison and unleashes it upon the town. Anya and Hunter, long lost childhood friends and new lovers, must team up to defeat the wendigo. Will the darkness destroy Anya and Hunter’s newfound love first? Will Anya be able to even call upon the light, or will the darkness rule the land if she can’t figure out how to use her new power?

Laughter, tears, mystery, and thrills await in this tale. Both strong male and female characters come together with witty banter and loving, tortuous threats and puns, bringing hilarity throughout the pages. Anya and Hunter’s banter is both priceless and fun. Anya hasn’t had an easy time since losing both Hunter and her memories of him, but once she finds her twin flame once again, things start to heat up for certain. Small mention of an abusive past relationship could be triggering for some, but warnings are included. Unwinding the tale of her past and melding it with the present are masterfully presented in the story. Readers will love the hints of mystery for books to come, with both Hunter’s mysterious past as well as Heather’s. Hard to put down, and will have readers waiting on tenterhooks for more!

Amy Rubottom