Killing Song - The Legacy, Book 3


Zaida, blade mistress siren and Fae queen's assassin, has only one more target on her century’s old contract before she gains her freedom from the cruel queen’s murderous service. Zimm, former Army Ranger sniper, now FBI agent, has been assigned to the secret task force to protect her and three other magical women in charge of investigating bizarre deaths with paranormal connotations. For the past two years, the two of them have flirted with their dangerously impossible attraction, sparked during an Army rescue mission. Their current homicide case pits them against a powerful life-stealing demon, as well as the devious fairy queen’s sadistic desires. Will their team be able to catch their killer while the two Z’s try to deny their attraction for each other? Oh, and there's one more complication, Zaida's last target for assassination is duhn, duhn, duhn! Zimm!!

"Killing Song" is an action-packed paranormal romantic thriller, singing with magical power and humming with sensuality that will leave readers breathless! The anticipation of when will Zaida and Zimm stop fighting their longing for each other is delicious. The supernatural leads from the task force's investigation results in hair-raising scenarios, driving a plot filled with thrills and chills. The continuing story of the Donovan Sister Witches remains as enthralling in this installment as the first and second. The homicidal machinations of their evil nemesis are full of treachery and hinted betrayals ensuring readers will keep turning the pages. Ms. Luna Joya has managed to execute another tale filled with a cast of unique, lovable characters in a mystical and dangerous world guaranteed to enthrall devotees of both paranormal and thriller genres! 

Tonya Mathenia