It's a Wonderful Lie (Heaven on Earth Book 1)


It's Christmas Eve and Eden is miserable as she thinks of her cheating ex-fiancé, the loss of her grant, and the quarrel with her mother. After drowning her sorrows in eggnog, she hunts for a Christmas tree, only to have one topple on her! As her guardian angel, Theliel has been saving Eden since she was born, except not in corporeal form which breaks all kinds of rules. But he's determined to pull Eden out of her funk and illuminate her worth. For one magical night, Eden discovers love and acceptance, only to have it disappear into a mist of memories. Theliel is given a choice: return to the angel fold and break from Eden or become completely human without memories of her. It will be up to love to be their guiding light as the two souls must find one another and fall in love all over again!

"It's a Wonderful Lie" brilliantly spins off the classic holiday movie to provide a fresh and enchanting tale of love, forgiveness, and faith! Eden is hilarious in her thoughts and antics, and at the same time recognizable as a young woman searching for love and acceptance, while downplaying all that she has to offer. Theliel, aka Theo and Teddy, is not only gorgeous, but he is also compassionate and caring, a quality that stays with him even in human form. While the sexual chemistry between the two is palpable, it is the soul-deep connection they have forged that guides them back to each other. "It's a Wonderful Lie" wraps up a heartwarming romance into a story that sparkles and shines from start to finish!

Tricia Hill