The Girl Who Belonged To The Sea (The Azantian Trilogy Book 1)


Margrete Wood dreams of escaping her father’s cruel and abusive games. The daughter of the Sea Captain who rules the port town of Prias, her prayers are sent across the ocean to the ears of the God of the Sea himself. On the day that she is to be wed in a political union orchestrated by her father, Margrete is kidnapped by a pirate! The dashing devil, Bash, takes Margrete to Azantian, a magical mythical island harboring secrets that protect the world from monsters. Bash plans to ransom Margrete for a priceless Azantian artifact stolen by Captain Wood, but when the bargain is made, will he be able to hand his “princess” back to her heartless father?

Told with the crispness of a fresh sea breeze and the razor sharpness of a well-honed cutlass, this riveting adventure perfectly blends action, fantasy, and romance. Violence and wickedness are juxtaposed with tenderness and honour. Quinn’s central character, Margrete, is a jewel unto herself: vibrantly feisty, full of sass, easy to love! Margrete’s repeated escape attempts, more to avoid the reunion with her father than to escape her captor, inject welcome doses of humour. Margrete and Bash’s sultry verbal sparring brims with wit; an extended sexual foreplay that leaves the reader eager to see them take it to the next level, while dreading the impending ransom exchange. This first of a trilogy delivers a love story complete with hidden bloodlines, magical spells, and deadly betrayals, while setting the stage for more thrilling suspense. Perfect for readers who enjoy lost islands and sea monsters who haunt sailors’ nightmares. Set your spotting scopes on the island of Azantian!

Joan Lai