Flash Point (The Legacy Book 5)


Mina Donovan, Legacy daughter, is a witch that someday will rule the Senate. Mina believes that her power to wield fire is sub-par. No matter how many times Mina practices to control her power, she is unable to truly harness it. Mina is used to comparing herself to her sisters—even in looks Mina can’t compete with her beautiful siblings. Mina is tasked with stopping the demon Nymvyra, leader of the Revelare. Josh, Mina’s best friend, is her saving grace and understands her better than anyone else. Mina secretly adores Josh but feels he only sees her as a comrade. Josh, in truth, loves Mina even though it is forbidden because really, he is her enemy. Josh is a witch hunter and knows that he must destroy her despite his feelings.

What an amazing, exhilarating paranormal romance. Enthralling from start to finish! The masterful way Ms. Joya weaves a fascinating tale which never slows down from one thrilling plot twist to the next is unquestionably pure genius! The world building is absolutely astonishing! The characters from major to minor are fully developed; the verbal banter is filled with smart sarcasm but is humorous too. The most surprising thing, though, is that this is the last in the series yet still manages to feel totally fresh and new! Readers might want to start from the beginning just to understand everything though. Mina, the plain, drab-looking heroine is not only approachable but easy to like. The lovelorn hero Josh is even fantastic despite his short-comings. This is just a spectacular book that is well-worth the read and truly a delight!

Roslynn Ernst