Fire Magic and Ice Cream


Quinn is a darn good accountant living with her family in Phoenix, Arizona. The hot desert town has more than one ice cream shop, however, the one Quinn is partial to is in the same strip mall where she pampers her ‘piggies’ with frequent pedicures. When she decides to finally check it out, an amazing Viking of a man, August, who’s working there, has her ice cream melting faster than she can eat it. Bummer he’s off limits, but maybe her plot to offer her accounting services will allow her time with him, not to mention time to enjoy his many homemade frozen delights. August is new to Arizona, having recently moved from Alaska. He has a few friends locally, but working so many hours a week makes it a difficult task to date, let alone find one that he could possibly be compatible with.

When Mr. Cool Viking meets Little Miss Pants on Fire, there’s bound to be more trouble than they know what to do with! Cleverly crafted, sweet and spicy, “Fire Magic and Ice Cream” is wittily written and explores all the emotions! With very imaginative world building, the elementals’ that live alongside humans all have certain ‘gifts’. Ms. Connolly has crafted a plethora of characters that are unusual, endearing, and full of loyalty. Dedication, hard work, and problem solving are themes woven throughout the book that readers will appreciate. A loyal son is always a crowd pleaser and keeps the hero high ranking. This is book one in a series, and readers who like a quick cute read should bookmark this author for the next in the series. The unique personalities of each supporting character will surely please many as this series continues.

Viola Robbins