The Fast and The Furies - Syn City Shifters, Book Three


Nolan is a rising star detective among the Nashville wolf marshals. Living with a shameful family secret, he's on a personal mission to clear his dead brother's name of the horrific Tucker family slaughter, which included Sadie, his unclaimed mate. Living in Syn City as Slaya, reborn roller-derby Fury Sister and makeup influencer, Sadie Tucker is known for her shifter hatred due to unrequited vengeance for hers and her family's murders. So she's not flying over the moon when The Syndicate makes an exception allowing a wolf marshal into the city. She's even more pissed when it turns out to be her first-life crush! When he arrives to investigate more shifter murders, Nolan is surprised to find the mate-bond survived Sadie's rebirth! Facing dire consequences, they are given a short deadline to solve the murders. Their incomplete mate-bond and new dangers are just a few twists and turns in their race against evil.

“The Fast and The Furies” is a story of mystical mayhem and mystery! Set in a world where a Fury roller-derby star and a star wolf-shifter detective come together in an enemy-to-lovers romance and a paranormal who-done-it. Their heated attraction is a howling, feather ruffling, roller coaster ride! The many mythological residents of Syn City are strong supportive characters who throw out pithy one liners and sage advice. The action-filled plot delivers a decent mystery, memorable characters, and sizzling love scenes. Luna Joya doesn't disappoint with this standalone installment to her Syn City Shifters series, but don't get it twisted, readers will definitely want to return to Syn City for more of the thrilling and romantic adventures found within its limits!

Tonya Mathenia