A Fairy’s Quest (The Magicals Series #3)


Alina Lehrer co-owns Vibrant Life Incorporated, a self-improvement business where she uses her clairvoyance to provide life coaching advice. Alina is a descendant of the Anunnaki, magical beings that include fairies and wizards. Moreover, she is the heir to the fairy crown. A century ago, murder and betrayal led to a war between fairies and wizards, and the fairy crown became lost. Alina’s family has sought to regain it ever since. As the elder daughter of the family, she faces tremendous pressure from her demanding mother to authenticate the family’s claim to the crown. Not surprisingly, not everyone welcomes such a development. The interim guardians of the secret Royal Court of Fairies have dispatched an assassin to eliminate the “meddling American fairy”. Rylan Jackson, nicknamed Orion, is sent to terminate Alina, but instead becomes enamored with the innocent and beautiful fairy. Unable to complete his mission, they become caught in the danger and intrigue of the Royal Court.

“A Fairy’s Quest” is engaging from the very start. Alina is funny, brave, compassionate and very relatable. Her romance with Rylan is sweet, her friends are funny, and her personal growth is impressive. The shorter length provides less room to give the villains and their motivations any depth. However, the author also labors to update us on the previous two couples in this series. It’s a whirlwind indeed! The new reader may find these diversions a bit disjointed. Readers who are familiar with the preceding books will definitely have the advantage. Maya Tyler should be applauded for her considerate handling of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Alina’s story. This is a quick, fun, and adventurous read!

Joan Lai