Eternal Soul Mates


Joanna travels to Greece to the Ionian Sea to search for her mother’s family. Both of her parents have died and Joanna craves a family connection. She has been fascinated by her mother’s birthplace and questions why she left a place she obviously loved so much. Joanna is also plagued by dreams of a hot mystery lover she has dreamed of most of her life. When Joanna reaches the island, she is befriended by many strangers who want to help her in her search — until they learn who she is. Now, a mystery of seventy-five years is unraveling at an alarming rate. Joanna is in danger until her dream lover shows up in the flesh, not only to love her forever, but protect her from the secrets of the past.

The author does a great job of providing the reader with wonderful descriptions of the island, beaches, and resort. The mystery surrounding Joanna and her dream lover make the story even more interesting. The premise of reincarnation while fascinating, falls flat in this story. There are literally too many reincarnated people in the book or characters who are exactly like one of the characters from seventy-five years ago. It’s like a story in a story that just repeats itself. At one point, the story breaks off and jumps forward without any clues to the reader. As the mystery unfolds and comes to its ultimate conclusion, however, it will satisfy romance and paranormal fans alike. 

Carly Fulmer