Enchanting Sarah Greenberg: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel


Sarah Greenberg enjoys being a food critic and loves spending time with her boyfriend and his daughter. In her spare time, she assists her family with their magic shop. When Sarah meets her boyfriend’s daughter for the first time, an unexpected dormant trait is unearthed. She can do magic without even trying. This leads Sarah down an unfamiliar road as she discovers who her family really is, and a lot of family secrets of which she was unaware. Sarah meets Zondra Bex who wants the family’s magic shop for herself, and she’ll do anything to protect her father from this evil woman.

“Enchanting Sarah Greenberg” is a fun paranormal romance that will have the reader laughing out loud with the antics throughout the story. The reader will enjoy watching the heroine, Sarah, trying to deal with her world being turned upside down. Her family tells her she is a late bloomer for magyck, and watching her struggle with the knowledge that everyone she loves has been lying to her is touching. The reader will enjoy all the secondary characters, and the many aspects of the tale which include a touch of fantasy, mystery, suspense, action, and romance. The author has created a magical world with magicians and even dragons that will keep the reader enthralled with the story. Sarah’s relationship with Colin and his daughter is so cute and natural. One will enjoy watching Sarah discovering herself, and her unique family.

Victoria Zumbrum