Enchanted Memories (A Hillendale Novel, #5)


Moving to a new town to escape a traumatic near-death experience has left Madeleine shell-shocked and leery of everyone, especially the small-town gossips she has encountered. Finding that many are welcoming of her special abilities, but unaware she is a spell-casting witch, Madeleine wonders if she would still be so accepted in Hillendale if  people found out what she really was capable of. When a local police officer, Kyle, asks her to use her psychic abilities to help find a missing person, Madeleine’s past comes back to haunt her, in the form of a murderer with glowing eyes seeking revenge. All the while, things between Kyle and Madeleine begin to heat up as Kyle fights through a repressed memory that may not be buried as far down as Madeleine hoped.

This book will put the reader under its spell from beginning to end! Fair warning: This story does involve the occult and use of the pentagram. The plot is engaging and a perfect mix of suspense, desire, and quirky townsfolk. Delving a bit into Madeleine’s past shows the readers why her walls are so high and makes her a relatable character. Her extreme fear of dogs is never explained, or why some dogs act odd around her while another seems more connected to her. The resolution at the end of the story, while surprising, was not as thrilling as one would have expected from a story of this nature. From pushing people away to relying on Kyle and reaching out to others, the growth Madeleine shows throughout is delightful to watch unfold. “Enchanted Memories” will leave the reader under a trance!

Marie Sanderson