HISTORICAL FANTASY:  As Mira spends her 18th birthday working at her local Chicago diner, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. She has had a pounding headache all day, and has to deal with a creepy yellow-eyed customer. However, when Mira experiences a tragic loss, she has nowhere to turn but to a mysterious Gabriel. Soon Mira learns that the world she knows is not the only world. Supernatural powers are at work. If Mira desires vengeance she must learn to control her own powers while working alongside and against a host of supernatural beings including angels, demons, ancient gods, vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, Voodoo priestesses, and someone from the lost city of Atlantis.

In “Dusk,” Rey Clark creates a riveting world and captivating story. Each character is unique and well rounded. They are three dimensional, each with strengths and flaws, and they grow and change organically throughout the book. The supernatural world revealed as the book progresses is equally fascinating. The plot moves along at a good clip in a flowing and natural manner. This book leaves the readers rooting for Mira and longing to know what will happen next. Its primary flaw lies in basics: there are grammar and spelling mistakes sprinkled throughout the text. These are not frequent enough to distract from the overall brilliance of the storytelling, but several instances of homonym mix-ups add a minor annoyance for readers. This flaw aside, Rey Clark’s World War II paranormal setting offers readers a fresh and exhilarating adventure!

Shailyn Rogers