Devil’s Dominion


HISTORICAL: Lady Rolayna Seville is excited to be traveling to Whitehall Abbey to marry her betrothed, Baron Rauf Oliveander, when her entourage is ambushed by Dragos, Duke of Dragonthorne. Dragos and his band of elite warriors, known as his disciples, repeatedly attest that Lady Rolayna should be grateful for their intervention and protection. They are saving her from the baron’s nefarious plot of rebellion against their king and his murderous plans against the Sevilles. Ever resourceful and defiant, Rolayna repeatedly escapes from her protector-captors and places herself and her five-year-old ward, Alex, in danger. A frustrated Dragos settles her evasiveness by marrying her himself. He promises to keep little Alex safe in exchange for her cooperation. But Baron Rauf continues to be a threat. Will the new couple be able to reach common ground?

Virginia Barlow writes a marvellously enjoyable adventure-filled romance. Sparks fly from the opening paragraphs as Dragos descends on Rolayna’s carriage. Despite Rolayna’s distrust of a vigilante who bears the moniker of “demon”, and Dragos’s distrust of a beautiful woman with a reputation for broken promises, their moments together are characterized by tenderness and desire. This is an enemies-to-lovers novel that is expertly executed to maximize the push and pull of their magnetism. Multiple acts of treachery and heroism interrupt their courtship. At times, feminist ideals aside, it is easy to be frustrated with Rolayna’s foolhardy actions. Dragos responds with a fascinating blend of patience, fury, and passion. “Devil’s Dominion” is a headlong plunge into the wild and dangerous medieval forest that will have the reader glued to its pages.

Joan Lai