Dark Wine at Disaster (A Hill Vampire Novel, Book 6)

Henry Bautista and Cerissa Patel finally get to celebrate their engagement, which seemed to take forever to arrive. After a wonderful evening of celebrations, things soon go pear-shaped as a massive earthquake hits the Hill, causing more damage than anyone expects, and brings up some PTSD for Cerissa who survived an earthquake that decimated her village in India when she was a child. A by-product of the earthquake is damage to the Hill’s water supply, leading to yet more trouble with Mordida. As if that weren’t enough for the couple to work through, more disaster comes to Henry in the form of blackmail from an unknown source, which potentially threatens the safety of every vampire on the Hill. Will there be a happy ending this time? Or will disaster reign supreme?
Return to the Hill with this sixth installation to the Hill Vampire series, which will be better enjoyed if the previous books have been read first. This tale starts off with a bang, leaving a smile on the reader’s face… and then everything goes wrong. The fact that Henry didn’t include Cerissa in the struggles he’s facing may leave a bad taste in reader’s mouths, as they have grown to love the couple in part because the two have previously worked together to solve any problems they face. The water laws and information, while necessary, are somewhat tedious to read through. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable return to the Hill, with page time for all the favorite characters, and an interesting new one. “Dark Wine at Disaster” is an entertaining addition to the Hill Vampire series!
Piper Valentine