Cursed by a Vampire (Immortal Heart of San Francisco Book 7)

Susan Griscom

Ari is the adopted human son of the DeMarco vampires since he was rescued by them as a kid. As a human, he manages their club and handles errands. Ari has always felt inferior to the vampires and has asked them to turn him into one which they have refused. Ari meets Abella, who also is human, and whose grandfather is human. A half-witch cursed her and her father when she was younger, and Abella has learned to live with the curse. Everything changes for Ari and Abella when they meet for the first time. 

“Cursed by a Vampire” is Book 7 in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series, and can be read as a standalone, however, one should read the series in order to know about the background of the other vampires that live with Ari. Susan Griscom has created a unique storyline that shows vampires in a new and different light, and how truly human they still are. The reader will love watching the interaction between Ari and the vampires. He is their son and is treated as a part of their family. When Abella and Ari meet, they clash and sparks fly between them. The clashing and name calling will have the reader laughing out loud. The author has created some complex characters that each have their own story. Although there is chemistry between Ari and Abella, the reader may not feel a strong connection or bond between them, but will still enjoy the tale. 


Victoria Zumbrum