Celestial Magic (The Thorne Witches Book 11)


Preston Thorne is dead and actively pursuing Selene Barringer in the Otherworld when the Goddess Isis appears to tell him of a mission she has for the two of them. Evil has infected the Otherworld and no one knows exactly how, but the goddess knows that Preston and his family and friends will be able to rid them of said evil. With their next breath, Preston and Selene are alive again.  Preston first contacts his brother, Alistair to tell him about the evil which has been released. They go to the Aether, Damian, to tell him of the mission. Damian’s young daughter tells him he must “eat the evil” in order for it to go away. He knows this is true because his daughter is an Oracle. They gather the family and friends who have helped them in the past to learn how to get to the Netherworld where the evil will be disposed.

“Celestial Magic” is a fun story with good-natured ribbing going on between all of the characters. The main characters are truly wonderful, well-written with depth. There are so many extraneous characters who are randomly introduced it is difficult to keep track of them. Much intricate detail in the story makes it drag. Despite being the main characters, Preston and Selene add little to the story as they are too busy having intimate relations. One would think battling evil would be their prime concern.  is a unique telling of good versus evil with witches, warlocks, and the dead resurrected to fight it with all accountable to the gods and goddesses and is the last book of the series.

Belinda Wilson