Blood Phoenix (Spirit Seekers, Book 3)

Amber K.

Sybille Esmond has overcome one enemy to find herself facing another. Now that their enemy, the Ossians, hasbeen vanquished, she's left with the spirits of Bloodthirsters seeking a way to the After Life. If only she knew how to get them there and out of her house! Making matters worse, her cousin has been possessed by the ex-wife of Elis, the love of her life and a former Bloodthirster, who’s trying to adjust to being human. But matters get infinitely worse when Sybille and her band of family and friends discover that the Ichor fae are seeking a way to conquer the After Life. Should they succeed, it will mean the end of life itself. It's a race against time to prevent the Ichor from succeeding and will mean the sacrifice of everything Sybille holds dear!                                                                                                      

"Blood Phoenix" ratchets up the excitement and suspense in an explosive ending to a paranormal trilogy! There is no shortage of cliffhangers to keep readers turning the page. Each chapter has a different point of view, alternating among four characters. While this leads to a variety of chapter-ending hooks, it also makes it difficult for new readers to the series to understand the complex world and the high stakes. The dialogue is crisp and sharp, and the characters are engaging. Although Sybille is ostensibly the lead of this series, she seems overshadowed by the other POV characters in this finale. The climax is powerful and wrings every drop of emotion out of it. Fans of the series will cry and cheer and no doubt clamor for more from Ms. Bryant's talented pen!

Tricia Hill