Bitten by Surprise (Bitten Book 1)


Dr. Charlotte Devaux has been trying to develop a cure for vampirism. The younger daughter of a witch mother and a scientist father, she has been pursuing this dream since her father was involuntarily turned into a vampire. On the eve of Char’s exciting research breakthrough, her GDK5 formula is stolen, and her assistant kidnapped. To her horror, vampires start dying from a previously unknown weapon, nicknamed GoDKiller, shortly afterwards, and Char suspects that her formula may be the culprit. Enemies suddenly take an interest in her hidden abilities, but handsome Lieutenant Julian Carver rescues her and offers Char the job of her dreams. She’ll use science to help him protect innocent supernaturals. Can Char overlook the fact that her hot new boss is himself a vamp?

“Bitten by Surprise” is like a pair of tall stiletto boots that are enchanted to wear like slippers: sexy, stylish, and fun. Char has a strong conscience and plenty of resolve. She wants to prove that science and magic can complement rather than oppose each other. Her research aims to give supernaturals a choice to reverse what has been done to them. Char’s goals align with Julian’s, except that he has an unusual protectiveness toward her. He even hints at their intimate history in a previous life! Is Char the reincarnation of his lost mate? Lizzy Gayle’s characters are delightful and well-crafted, with undeniable chemistry. While Char and Julian make a great team in taking down the perpetrators of the GoDKiller murders, readers will have to wait to find out if this couple will act on their sizzling romantic bond.

Joan Lai