Attracting His Mate: Shifter Mail-Order Brides Series Book 3

Sabrina A.

The King brothers’ mother had one dying wish: that her five sons would all find and claim their mates within six months of her death. If her sons cannot keep their promise, the clan is in danger of losing their family land—roaming grounds critical to the continued survival of men who shift into grizzly bears. For middle brother Beau, time is running out. His trust for women is battered. Sure, he’s got a best friend who might do, but in his heart, he knows Ragina is not his intended mate. When he meets Shayla, a traveling nurse who is clan-less and available, they lock gazes, and both know that destiny has brought them together. But his reluctance to risk his heart again has Beau struggling to commit to the chase of the woman his heart tells him is his fated mate. 

This fast-paced and sizzling hot novella gives new meaning to paranormal romance. The author’s use of a grizzly bear’s strong animal instincts takes the love scenes to new heights. Explicitly detailed, readers be warned—there’s nothing shy about this love story. Beau comes across at first as a little geeky, moody, and cool—until his bear instincts take over. Shayla’s dedication and compassion for her patients endears her to readers from the start. Still, the piece’s short length keeps the characters from being more fully developed than they could be. The bear shifter element definitely adds an interesting twist. If a fun, fast, steamy romp is the reader’s pleasure, “Attracting His Mate” will fit the bill perfectly.

FS Brown