Agent Zero: Region Two Series: Book One


Vee is a badass defender against an army of lethally dangerous cryptids. Raised and trained to serve The Company, she’s well equipped to kick butt but has no idea how to share herself and her heart. Bruce is an arrogant, talented, handsome chef whose star is on the rise. He lives life on the edge, including his love life. However, nearly being killed by a weird species of Komodo dragon and saved by a beautiful woman has him rethinking a number of things, including playing fast and loose with his heart.

Agent Zero is a great addition to the urban sci-fi/fantasy genre. The story mixes action, a touch of comic relief, and a lot of steam to hook you, then throws a number of wonderful curveballs. The creation of the cryptids is spot on. The main characters’ wariness is expected and their attraction and feelings grow at a nice pace. The dialogue was witty and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it works perfectly in each situation. Bruce gives us the impression he’s a player, which he is, but he also exudes an entitlement that Vee is more than happy to ignore. The trust Vee and Bruce develop makes you believe they can find their happily-ever-after, even in a strange, alien/monster filled world, if they’d just get out of their own way! Seeing Bruce hold his own in both dangerous situations, and with Vee, also enhanced their relationship and shows us another side of the chef. The love scenes are hot yet don’t overshadow the plot of the book or the development of the true romance. The supporting characters were well-written and keep to their place within the book. Overall, a great read for those who love urban fantasy.

N.E. Kelley