The Agent and the Outlaw - Les Dames Dangereuses 2


Agent Charlotte awakes tied to the back of a horse. Her Order’s sanctioned and well-planned assassination of the Marquis de Sade has been interrupted, foiled by the Marquis' murder and her kidnapping! Lieutenant Antoine de Valle, man on a mission that has him deemed an "outlaw", he has no time for the beautiful, exasperating woman he inadvertently "rescued" from Sade's clutches. The misadventures grow more and more dangerous as Charlotte and Antoine travel through small towns on the outskirts of France. Their growing feelings for each other, a squad of vampire soldiers, and a mysterious beast are obstacles thrown in their path. Antoine must decide if his feelings for Charlotte are strong enough to put aside his mission and accept her as the enterprising and empowered woman she has worked so hard to become.

This story delivers a whimsical perspective on werewolves and espionage with a French accent! Familiar tropes are used with a werewolf twist that's intriguing. Main characters have a chemistry that's not white-hot, but still warm enough to take the chill off. Although their communication skills are subpar, their feelings for each other come through with intensity. The villains provide an enemy to work against, however, they lack dimension providing no real sense of fear, but a healthy dose of disgust. The story is decent enough to get readers through a sit by the pool or a few hours in a cozy corner. The mysterious "beast" and his alter ego offer a little nibble to whet the appetite for more. Ms. Riley's romantic world of French aristocracy, supernatural beings, empowered women, and espionage provides a lighthearted and slightly thrilling escape!

Tonya Mathenia